Welcome to the site of the Fort Vancouver Chapter, Washington Society of The Sons Of The American Revolution.
All of our members are lineal descendants of a patriot who either fought for independence during the Revolutionary War or provided material aid for the cause.


"The Fort Vancouver Chapter of the SAR meets nine times per calendar year (we are on hiatus during the summer so there is no July and August meeting and we do not have a formal December meeting in lieu of a planned Christmas dinner for members, guests and spouses and significant others.)  We have invited speakers for our scheduled meetings.  The speaker selection has fallen to the chapter President to find, contact, invite and confirm.  I humbly ask our membership and guests to think about speakers we might ask to speak to us.  Not only military leaders who reside locally and notable local veterans but teachers of American History and community leaders.  This last group is especially important.  While we are a patriotic organization we are also a community organization.  We should invite and listen to those men and women who run our businesses and guide our local government talk about their efforts and plans for helping our children, our veterans and making our home turf a better place for all of us who reside here.  We are an apolitical organization so we don’t endorse candidates or parties or political positions.  But we do embrace and welcome men and women of noble intentions and recognized public betterment.  So, please….if you know of anyone who you and we might like to hear kindly let me know. "